A few little tips to help you lose that winter belly fat.

Drinking water each day can have some significant effects on our body's weight management, we need to stay mindful that water alone cannot reduce our weight.

There are however, a few little tips that can make a big difference to our waistline if we follow them daily as part of our water intake routine. In most cases we consume more calories per day than we actually burn and often mistake hunger for thirst.

Below are a few handy tips.

  • Drink at least 2 cups of water before breakfast (If desired, add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar to boost your system).
  • Include more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet (ideal to put them in your water bottle too, adding flavour and nutrients. Cucumber, lemon, ginger are a great combination).
  • Swap refined carbs for healthier options like lean meat, fresh fish etc.
  • Statistics have shown that people who consume water before their meals, eat few calories.
  • By eliminating just one can of soft drink and one glass of fruit juice you can cut around 1,500 calories from your weekly diet, this small change can kick start your healthy routine.

TIPS: Sip water don't gulp, giving it time to cleanse your system, not just flushing it out!


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