As a lot of us really struggle to drink our daily recommended intake of water, so now is your chance to jazz up your drink with lots of delicious fruits.

Not only are fruits a great way to add vitamins to your diet, and flush out the toxins, they also help to boost our immune system, with the added bonus of tasting great too.


  • Set a “water goal” each day and be strict with yourself so you achieve your goal.
  • Prepare sliced fruit in advance and keep in the refrigerator ready to use if you are short on time.
  • Each morning prior to heading out for the day, load up your bottle/flask with your fruits/water.
  • Recommended to leave for at least 30 mins prior to your first drink (let the fruit infuse).

Certain fruits have different properties, each helping the body heal and stay healthy. Hydration is the key to reducing a lot of everyday ailments that can be hard to fight if you are not drinking enough water. The key is to prepare yourself for the day ahead and get into a “water goal” each day. Check out The Collection to make life easier.

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