The best times to drink water

Is there a good or bad time to drink water?
Here are a few top tips of the best times to sip water throughout the day.

Drinking water first thing in the morning is a great idea.

Before your body starts to wake up is the best time to start your system going, ideally with a glass or two of look warm water to help flush out the toxins and get the organs in to gear for the day ahead. Ice cold water can shock the system and cause stomach cramps.

Drinking water before a meal can help cut down food intake.

If you are looking to lose a few kilos the best time to drink water is around 20 minutes before your meals. It helps to keep you feeling fuller and also coat the stomach lining to help some foods digest easier (acidic foods in particular).

Reduce snacking between meals by drinking water.

We often mistake thirsty for hungry and as soon as we feel the hunger pangs hit we automatically reach out for a snack. Try drinking water in place of the snack the wait around 20 minutes after drinking to feel the cravings subside.

Drinking water before a workout.

Here in Australia it is very easy to become dehydrated, especially in the hot summer months. Hydration plays a very important role in ensuring the body runs to it's best ability. Helping with blood circulation whilst working out and also maintaining a constant body temperature.


TOP TIP: Always keep a glass of water at your bedside and try to drink before going to sleep.


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