We all know that water is a vital part of our well-being, but sometimes our lives are so busy that we get sidetracked and often overlook our daily intake. It's not until we feel the after affects that we then realise we have not had our recommended 2 litres per day. Headaches, poor skin, and constipation being the major three.

Some people are lucky and they actually enjoy plain water and don’t feel the need to “jazz” it up with infused fruits etc, but for the majority, water is more of a need than a want.

Our uniquely designed water bottles are made with just that in mind, they have the  marked on the glass to help regulate your daily intake, making it easier to set a daily water goal by adding delicious fruits or even just a simple dash of honey and lemon to boost our immune system.

Another problem we face in today’s busy society is the inconvenience of being away from our desks during work hours. We all know we should drink more, but if we gulp water it passes straight through our system without cleansing our insides and we spend more time in the bathroom.

The “hydration monitor” helps you retain the water in system for longer periods of time, with the added benefit of less toilets breaks. Even your boss may thank you!

Check our THE PACIFIC and THE CARIBBEAN to see which best suits your needs.


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