We all know we “should” drink at least 2 litres of water per day, but sadly life is so hectic we often forget or simply don't have time to stop and grab a drink whilst juggling our busy lifestyles!

The benefits of a slow water intake are amazing! SIP DON'T GULP!

Drinking water helps us to concentrate and also gives us more energy throughout the day. If we don't drink enough water we can often find that our energy levels start to dwindle and that concentrating becomes more difficult.

Sipping a small amount of water at regular intervals keeps us hydrated without the disadvantage of constantly going to the bathroom (especially good for office workers, your boss will thank you!). It keep the organs cleansed and flushes out the toxins, reducing the risk of bladder infections. Water also has the added benefit of keeping your skin complexion hydrated reducing wrinkles and slowing down the skins ageing process.

As water is an essential part of our daily life, it is a good tip to set yourself a “water goal” for the day and stick to it. Infused waters and herbal teas are a great way to increase your water intake and also to boost your immune system with added vitamins, helping to fight off flu bugs and keep you healthy.

That's why we created the PACIFIC water bottle with infuser. This is the perfect bottle for hot herbal teas with the double glass wall that allows the bottle to stay hot for 2 hours! It's also perfect for a refreshingly cold, fresh fruit infused water.


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