What can happen if we produce too much cortisol?

Our bodies are amazing... in so many ways, but now and again we need to adjust a few things to encourage better health.

Our bodies are usually well balanced and produce the correct amount of cortisol, it's not until we start to see a few things change that we we sometimes realise it's just a little off measure.

Too much cortisol can sometimes include changes:

Weight gain.

Poor skin conditions (often a break out of acne!).

Irregular menstrual periods.

Not enough cortisol symptoms can include:

Feeling nauseous and fatigue.

Weight loss.

Muscle ache.

Dull aching feeling often causing vomiting.

Cortisol is often released to reduce the level of stress hormones in our bodies. Daily use of acupressure products may change the way the body reacts to that stress by encouraging the release of endorphins.

* Note the success of reduction may vary from one person to another.

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