Would the acupressure mat & pillow benefit me? How does it work?

What are the benefits of using the mat?

This unique mat works by offering a combination of acupressure to the skin whilst circulating new blood flow throughout the body. A perfect combination to give a feeling of rejuvenation. Benefits may include:

. Better sleep

. Deeper and more relaxed state.

. More post exercise energy.

. Relief of neck, shoulder and back pain.

. Stress relief.

. Detoxify the body.

. A reduction in headaches/migraines.

. Rejuvenating blood cells.

* YOUR BACK/NECK MAY APPEAR RED AFTER THE SESSION (this is a normal reaction).

How to use the acupressure mat/pillow?

Initially the mat may feel a little uncomfortable, depending on your pain threshold until your body adjusts to the sensation (no pain no gain!). However, after regular use the feeling of discomfort will be replaced by a warm feeling throughout the target area. This is simply your body adjusting and allowing the natural healing process to occur, as you relax your mind, muscles and body adjust to give a feeling of complete relaxation. The rejuvenation of new blood cells is a good thing as your muscle memory improves. Best used on the naked skin or with a thin item of clothing for maximum benefit.


Lie on your back on the acupressure mat for 15-30 minutes to feel maximum benefits (ideally at bedtime, placing it on a hard or soft surface depending on your preference).
Benefits may include:

. Improving sleep quality.
. Tension relief in tight muscles.
. Aiding in the depth of meditation.
. Stress/anxiety reduction.
. Improving back pain.
. Assisting with pain levels for fibromyalgia/Arthritis and other chronic illnesses


Stand in the centre of the acupressure mat barefoot for 3-5 minute. As our feet are often very sensitive it may take a few sessions to build up your resistance and increase the time to suit your tolerance level. A mini reflexology session in your own home!
Benefits may include:

. Increased blood flow in the legs/feet.
. Concentration leads to a better level of balance (perfect for yogis!)
. As the feet relax the daily aches lessen.
. Rejuvenating new blood cells to improve overall circulation.


Please consult your healthcare professional if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

. Any skin conditions/inflammation/haemophilia.
. You are pregnant.
. Heart conditions.



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