The aussiehydrate story

Aussiehydrate is an Australia based company, our main mission is to reduce plastic usage throughout the world! All our products are eco-friendly, BPA free, made from top quality glass, bamboo and stainless steel designed for sustainability.

Our unique design allows for the optional use for either hot or cold beverages. The “hydration monitor” printed on the bottle offers an easy way to measure your daily intake of fluids, especially as a lot of us struggle to meet our daily goal of around 2 litres. The options are endless... from fruit infused waters, hot herbal teas/coffees, to delicious smoothies!!
Check out our recipe section for lots of information and ideas! 

In Australia alone we use 1 BILLION plastic cups a year!!!! Come on guys... lets save this planet one less plastic bottle at a time!!


We have recently launched an active wear range to brighten up the world with our "jazzy" leggings. Designed with the Australian outdoor lifestyle in mind, vibrant, eye catching colours are sure to turn any heads, from the yoga room to a coastal beach walk.

Make your mission clear: "Health and well being" at the top of your list.